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What are the best Yard trees for your home?

Posted by Bill Koss // March 14, 2019

What are the best Yard trees for your home? POSTED BY BILL KOSS // APRIL 27, 2018     European Copper Beech (Fagus Sylvatica Purpurea) in spring and summer Bill the tree guy says that there are several types of trees which make beautiful yard trees for your home. There are several factors to think about when planning to […]

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How to Choose Between 5 Different Offers

Posted by Bill Koss // December 7, 2018

Sell Your House Fast: How to Choose Between 5 Different Offers     One of the keys to sell your house fast  is to acknowledge your potential buyers’ financing options that may range from conventional loans, cash, home loans, to rent to own arrangement and owner financing. Conventional Loans In general, the preapproval that comes with conventional loans […]

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The Best Countertops and Costs

Posted by Bill Koss // November 30, 2018

Costs: Countertops While looking for new countertops, you find an amazing deal on granite for $29.99 per square foot. Yes, score! That sounds super-affordable, and once you measure your current countertops and calculate the square footage, you’ll have the price for installing new countertops, right? Not so fast, say countertop installers. Pricing Factors for Countertops […]

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